February 2009

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Three Good Things for the day:

  1. I caught up with an old friend on the phone.
  2. I did some serious house cleaning today.  We bought a very dirty house. 
  3. Besides cleaning, Adam and I spent most of the day working on home maintenance projects that have been on hold since early January.  Getting sick set us back about 6 weeks, but I think we’re just about caught up now.  Today we caulked behind the kitchen sink, put away extra furniture that was just sitting where we left it when we moved in, and installed a mirror in the bedroom.  It’s nice to get back to these projects.  I love being a homeowner again!

Good Press

Indulge me in one more political/ideological post for the week.  I must note that Instapundit, one of the most visited blogs out there, currently has two links to ARI on it’s main page right now.  One link is to the press release about sales of Atlas Shrugged booming because of its relevance to the economic crisis, and one is to the John Allison video. 

The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights (the DC branch of ARI) also has some great news coming soon.  I got the inside scoop from Lin Zinser, the VP of Public Outreach, at the protest yesterday.  I’ll leave you in suspense for now, but all of this is really exciting stuff!


About 150-200 people attended the Washington Tea Party yesterday.  The highlight of the event for me was when we chanted “End the Fed!”  I never thought I’d hear that from such a large group of people. 

It was a bit of a mixed bag of protesters, with some being primarily anti-Obama, some simply calling for fiscal responsibility, and some of us protesting the outright theft of our wealth and the speeding descent into socialism.  I think there were also some NRA types and others who weren’t really on-point.  I suppose that happens at all protests.  There were 2 “celebrities” in attendance that I was aware of: Michelle Malkin, and Joe the Plumber, who apparently works for Pajamas TV now. 

I never found the time to make any signs, so we basically just added our bodies to the crowd.  We had a great time and met up with some friends but I wasn’t prepared to talk to the media or really do anything constructive.  I was with a friend talking to a reporter from The Economist when I saw Sam playing and just walked away to see what she was doing.

Adam and I were very involved in the Chicago protest over the fate of Elian Gonzalez (supporting his right to remain in the U.S.).  We spent a couple of weeks preparing for it, raised money, made tons of signs, alerted the press, and at the protest, talked to many passers-by and handed out leaflets.  I felt really good about that protest.  This one, not so much.  I think it happened too fast.  But I think there are other related events coming up so I hope to do more next time.

Adam took a little video when he saw this great poster:


And I found this video, which has more substance, and Michelle Malkin:

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. I love McDonald’s.  It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it’s yummy.  It would have been very hard for my family to get into DC for the Washington Tea Party this morning without McDonald’s.  I don’t think everybody should eat or like McDonald’s, but I get a little tired of the fast-food bashing.  People are too uptight about food.
  2. Samantha attended her first protest.  She even participated by throwing a tantrum in protest of my requirement that she stay near me.
  3. The protest was only semi-satisfying (I’ll expand on that bit tomorrow), but we had a great family day riding the Metro, stopping for ice cream, and visiting Adam’s office. 

Alphabet Song

This video is a bit long and choppy, but give me a break – I just got the camera and Sam is too cute.

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. Samantha and I had a nice trip to the playground.
  2. Best recipe for chicken breasts: Fry them in olive oil, take them out of the pan. Deglaze pan with balsamic vinegar, add heavy cream and herbs and cook it down a bit. Pour sauce on chicken.  I also made sweet potato biscuits but I burned them a little bit.  I don’t think I like baking.  Still, it was good to try something new.
  3. I took some great video of Samantha singing the alphabet song.  I’ll try to get it up here this weekend.

Here is the Objectivist Round-Up for the week, hosted by Making Progress.  Don’t miss Stephen Bourque’s clever post on the sleight of hand used in passing and promoting the spending bills of the past 6 months.  Brilliant, funny, and depressing all at once!

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. According to my dentist, my teeth are “off the charts” white.  Bring on the coffee and red wine!
  2. Adam is home from his business trip.
  3. With all the phone calls from her daddy, plus a few from grandparents this week, Samantha is really learning to talk on the phone.  She used to whisper shyly, “hi daddy.”  I’ve kept telling her, “louder,” and now she shouts with glee, HI DADDY! over and over even when he’s talking to me now kiddo, so give us some space already.  She is very confused about the phone, but she likes to hear her daddy’s voice so she gets this imbecilic look on her face – perplexed and happy at the same time.  She also says hi to all 4 grandparents: Grandma, Grandpa, Grandee, and Grando.  If I prompt her, she might tell them a bit about her day: PAYGOUND, PEE-PO, TAKEY TUN, which means, “I went to the playground and there were other people there so I had to take turns.”  Don’t misunderstand, she loves PEE-PO.  If we walk up and nobody else is there, she says sadly, JUST SAM.  Which reminds me of this photo from when she was about 4 months old:
Just Sam

The front of the shirt said "No Norm, No Carla, No Cliff"

Lend Me a Hand

In case you were wondering, the rubber glove stuffed with rice that I found in my laundry did indeed come home from day care in Sam’s blanket.  It is a homemade version of the Zaky Pillow, a pillow shaped like a hand that you put up against a baby to comfort him during naps.  The teacher who made it says it works, but it looks a bit freaky to me.  Still, not as freaky as finding it in my laundry.


Am I a chump for registering my products with the manufacturers?

Today was another day where there were just too many Good Things to count, but here are Three:

  1. Samantha learned how to say, NOT TODAY, NOT TOMORROW, BUT THE NEXT DAY, which is when her daddy will be home from his business trip.
  2. I had to make my belt one notch smaller and I had to remove a link from my watch.  I’m not dieting at all.  I think my body finally realized that I’m not nursing anymore and it can release all the fat.  That only took a year!
  3. Samantha made her first pee in the potty.  Wow, this is happening fast.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought the jumbo package of diapers.  Yeah, I know…wishful thinking.

The talk by John Allison that I wrote about a few weeks ago is now online at the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights.  I know quite a few of you were interested in seeing it firsthand.

I’m really glad to see ARI and ARC putting up so much content for free.  I wish I could keep up with it all!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week (or taking care of sick children) you’ve probably heard of Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC regarding the bailout plans.  I wasn’t really that impressed with anything he said, but I did like his passion.  His mention of having a “Chicago Tea Party” struck a chord with many people, and now there are plans to have simultaneous demonstrations across the country this Friday, February 27, protesting all of the bailouts and “stimulus” spending.  This blog is not about politics or economics so I won’t be writing much about this.  I think most of my readers can guess my opinion on this matter.  I did want to provide some links, though, to anyone who hasn’t heard about this and might be interested.

This is a grassroots effort – the message is not always clear and information is sketchy.  Consent of the Governed has a pretty good summary with links.  I think this is the official web site, but you don’t learn much there.  This site seems to have a good list of locations where there will be demonstrations.

Adam, Samantha, and I will attend the protest here in DC, which will be held at the Washington Monument at noon.  I plan to put together some talking points for myself by then, but I also hope some kind of real action of protest, along the lines of dumping tea, is brewing (pun intended.)  I’m afraid that a mixed-up, poorly attended event will be skewered in the media and might do more harm than good, but the situation is getting so frightening that I welcome the opportunity to take some kind of action.

Are there any suggestions for doing something more than showing up?  Or have you seen a good idea floating around?

I never saw this object before in my life, until I pulled the clothes out of the washer to put them in the dryer.  It was in there, in the washer with my clothes.  I actually looked around for the hidden camera after I stopped freaking out.

In the laundry

In case you can’t tell, that is a rubber glove stuffed with rice and tied together.  WTF!  How did this get into my laundry?  Rubber gloves make me think of hypodermic needles and sick people and other dirty things.  But stuffed with rice?  My mind just couldn’t get around that.

After a few minutes, I started looking at all the clothes that were in that load.  Samantha’s blanket from day care was in there.  I had picked it up on Friday to bring home and wash, and I never shook it out but just shoved it in the washer.  I think this must have been some craft project they did at school that got mixed into Sam’s stuff.  I meant to ask the teachers today, but I forgot, and now I have to keep wondering until Wednesday.

For some reason, I decided to go to the dentist and start my taxes on the same day.  Luckily, neither one has been too painful so far, although I have to go back for a filling on Wednesday and with taxes, you just never know.  Here are Three Good Things for the day:

  1. The dentist I basically picked at random from the ones within 3 miles of my house seems to be a really good one.  He actually talked to me about my history before he did a thing, he explained everything he did and saw, he answered all my questions and didn’t rush me or talk down to me, he had brand new equipment including a digital x-ray which put the images up on his computer screen within a few seconds (cool!), and he had a gentle touch. 
  2. The mortgage interest deduction: horrible policy, but I’ll take the money.
  3. The house is totally quiet right now.  Nice.

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